Mississippi State University

Mississippi State, MS 39762

Inducted: 02-25-1964
Updated: 05-11-2017


Dr. James (Jay) McCurdy
Department of Plant and Soil Sciences
Box 9555
E-mail: jdm269@msstate.edu
Phone: 662-325-2331


Judson Lecompte
Department of Plant and Soil Sciences
Box 9555
E-mail: jsl279@msstate.edu
Phone: 662-325-2311



Dr. Te Ming (Paul) Tseng
Department of Plant and Soil Sciences
Box 9555
E-mail: tt1024@msstate.edu
Phone: 662-325-2311


Dr. J. Byron Williams
1320 Seven Springs Rd.
E-mail: b.williams@msstate.edu
Phone: 662-857-2284



Scott Willard
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences; Box 9760 - Bost 201F MSU
MS 39762
E-mail: swillard@cals.msstate.edu
Phone: 662-325-0233
Fax: 662-325-0015


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Chapter Highlights:

New Chapter Activities: Our chapter had not sent a representative to the Gamma Sigma Delta International Conclave in recent years (or maybe ever), so our chapter made a point to send a representative, Dr. Scott Willard (Secretary), to the meeting at LSU in June/July 2016. Dr. Willard gave a presentation in September at our Fall organizational meeting about the LSU meeting. Our Chapter initiated two new activities this year. First was to have our Chapter officers and some member volunteers develop fliers and handouts that we gave at a pre-event to our Division of Agriculture, Forestry and Veterinary Medicine (DAFVM) Summer Celebration awards luncheon. As people arrived we engaged the attendees to inform them on Gamma Sigma Delta, who we are, what we do, etc. The second major activity that the executive committee took on was to get our past award recipient, member and alumni database in order and then sent a solicitation for donations through our MSU Development Foundation to try and garner more monetary support for scholarships and chapter activities in the future. This effort raised $2,000. We plan to repeat it again this coming Fall 2017. While for some reason our undergraduate inductee numbers were down -6.2%, our faculty, staff and graduate student inductees were significantly higher; up more than 7% overall. With our overall inductee acceptance rate increasing 4.4% over last year (2015-2016). We again “stepped-up” the induction ceremony and had the GSD officers dress in their regalia to add formality to the proceedings, and expanded the reception – 162 members, new inductees and guests attended the 2017 Awards Banquet and New Member initiation....this is 75 MORE attendees than last year (total attendance last year was n=87). This rise in attendance created some challenges for our banquet in cost and logistics, but we handled it well and hope to keep the momentum of this banquet, induction and award ceremony being a premiere event for our DAFVM faculty, staff and students in the future. Plans for 2017-2018 include: • We had an organizational meeting in Fall 2016 this past year, but would like to have a Fall 2017 activity that may include a social and/or sponsored guest speaker) to engage more faculty, staff and students and to promote Gamma Sigma Delta within our units. • While our Chapter remains in very sound financial health, we are going to continue to work with our development office to try and expand opportunities for giving by GSD members and alumni to increase our student scholarships and awards. If we can garner more support, we would like to have awards at our undergraduate research symposium tied to gamma sigma delta membership or recruitment – e.g., member students would be eligible for awards, or students of faculty mentors who are members. • We did not get to rework our website in 2016 as planned, so it is a priority in 2017-2018 to revamp our website to make it easier to navigate and profile our chapter’s activities better. • Our Colleges have stepped up their social media presence, and as part of the duties of the secretary and historian will be to try and get Gamma Sigma Delta news or related events posted to increase our visibility.


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