About Gamma Sigma Delta

Gamma Sigma Delta is an honor society dedicated to recognizing your academic achievements and/or accomplishments as a student, faculty member, alumnus, or industry and university supporter. Your election to the Society is more than an honor. It is a challenge and an obligation to contribute to the understanding and furthering of agriculture and related sciences which are expanded to include, but are not limited to, forestry, natural resources, statistics, human ecology, and veterinary medicine.

The purposes of Gamma Sigma Delta are to promote and to recognize achievements of individuals who excel. Membership in Gamma Sigma Delta is often recognized by recruiters, colleagues and foreign and domestic governments as an indicator of exceptional academic and/or professional performance. No group of professionals has a more important task than those in agriculture and related sciences. By accepting membership in Gamma Sigma Delta you can assist in keeping the world conscious of the importance of the vast agricultural complex.

Benefits to you…

  • Recognition of your outstanding academic achievement
  • Recognition of achievements in your specialty field
  • Recognition of your achievements to graduate and professional schools, industry, universities and government
  • Expanded knowledge of agriculture and related sciences
  • Opportunity to participate and contribute to chapter activities
  • Eligibility for awards and scholarships at the chapter level if available
  • Making and sharing professional contacts Ia. Life-long international membership
  • Annual international newsletter

Historical Growth

Gamma Sigma Delta began as a professional agricultural fraternity called Delta Theta Sigma at The Ohio State University, December 1, 1905, and maintained a chapter house.

Other chapters were installed at Iowa State (1907), Pennsylvania State College (1908), University of Missouri (1908), Oregon State College (1909), and Utah State College (1909), but all of these chapters adhered to an honorary plan and did not have chapter houses.

In 1913 Delta Theta Sigma at The Ohio State University, withdrew, maintained the name, and its chapter house. The name of the remaining organization was changed to Gamma Sigma Delta and followed the honorary plan of operation. Later (1928) a chapter of Gamma Sigma Delta was installed at Ohio State.

In 1915, the Honor Society of Agriculture was formed at the University of Minnesota. A movement was started early in 1916 to merge the two organizations, Gamma Sigma Delta and Honor Society of Agriculture. A joint committee from both organizations met at the University of Minnesota, June 3, 1916, and reached tentative agreement on the merger. Anew constitution was drafted and ratified early in 1917.

The Honor Society of Agriculture, Gamma Sigma Delta, became the official name. From 1917, Gamma Sigma Delta has been strictly honorary. It became faculty governed and selected membership from juniors, seniors, graduate students, alumni, and faculty. Currently 52 chapters have been installed at universities throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, the Philippines, and Honduras.